Can A Landlord Enter A Property Without Permission In The UK?

Can A Landlord Enter Without Permission In The UK

The short answer to the question “Can A Landlord Enter Without Permission” is No.

Neither the Landlord or the legal owner of the property can enter a property without the consent of the tenant in the UK.

You have legal rights as a tenant and those rights include a right to occupy the property free of interference from the landlord.

The Landlord or their legal representative has to grant you the legal right to live in your property undisturbed.  This means that both the Landlord or letting agent cannot enter the tenanted property without the tenants agreement or permission.

A landlord can enter the property under certain exceptions

There are certain exceptions to this rule as your letting agent or landlord may need to visit the property for inspections, maintenance and repairs.

As the tenant you can still refuse the landlord or letting agent access to the property if they turn up at the property to carry out a routine inspection without advanced notice or warning.

The same applies if the landlord or letting agent wants to carry out non-urgent work as they still have to give you advanced notice.  

24 Hours Notice

You must allow the landlord access to inspect the property or carry out repairs to the property. However, the landlord has to give you at least 24 hours notice and the visit has to take place at a reasonable time of day.

Emergency Situations

During an emergency situation the landlord or letting agent does not need to give you 24 hours notice and they can request immediate access to the property.

An emergency situation is considered something like a flood, fire or gas leak for example. The landlord or letting agent may need access to inspect the property for insurance claim purposes. They may also need to prevent further damage to the property or to a neighbours property in the event of a water or gas leak.

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