This page is dedicated to showing you the top tips on cleaning your home to sell in order to increase your chances of getting the house sold or getting that new tenant. 

Between tenancy agreements or if you decide to sell take the opportunity and time to to carry out works to the property, make a checklist  to work from test all appliances carefully, turn on your ovens and hobs and make sure they are working, and that they heat to the right temperatures. Check the washing machine works on all cycles, check the dates on the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors have not expired.

Clean the entire property throughout, this must include carpets, bathrooms, kitchens, floors and tiles.  Your property needs to be in good condition and super clean.  Wash all windows, this is a must.  Ask a local window cleaner to give them a sparkle as this will give you more light in the property.


Scrub all tiles using either bleach on grout, or tile grout cleaner, buy a tooth brush and scrub to make the grout white again, another way is to leave bleach on the grout lines and then wash it off with the showerhead and wipe clean. 

On bathroom tiles use window cleaner as this does not smudge.  Clean all sinks and taps, you can use a limescale remover such as Viakal, this is a fantastic cleaner and works a treat.  Clean the toilet, take the water out and pour bleach all around including under the bowl.  Use a heavy bleach that cleans well.  Parazone is one of the best.  Scrub the bath but remember if the bath is enamel be careful not to scratch the sides, make sure that the floors are spotless.  You can mop the floor with diluted bleach but only lightly, also make sure the lights are free from dust and dirt.


Same as above however take everything out of the cabinets and wash them including all doors with soap and water or use fairy liquid in a hot bowl of water and a sponge.

Make sure floors are clean, pull out washing machines, fridge freezers, pull off plinths, wipe under cabinets, clean ovens, with a strong Mr Muscle oven cleaner, clean all lights tiles, grout etc.

Lounge, Bedrooms, Dining Rooms

Most rooms will have painted walls, if you see marks paint, however, remember that when you paint a small area this will look out of place to the rest of the room. My suggestion is to paint a wall if there are multiple marks as you will then not see patches everywhere.

Use vinyl matt emulsion, don’t buy the cheapest paint from a DIY store, use a good quality paint like Dulux or Leyland, don’t use a trade paint as this is watery and you will end up having to give the walls many coats.

When it comes to woodwork this can look stained and colour fades over time, before you attempt to paint this as many are gloss or eggshell, use sugar soap, this will take all grime and stains off which will eliminate the need to use a paint.

If this is not the case then use this guide to painting walls and woodwork

Front and Rear Gardens

Sweep the front garden to get rid of leaves, clean the wheelie bins, and if your path or stones are dirty power wash them down, if you don’t have a power washer you can order one or hire one, contact HSS or go to a local DIY store like B&Q  as they are very reasonably priced, this can be used on both front and rear stones, and can be used to wash your car also.

Make sure you prune all bushes and cut the grass. A garden always looks better with fresh cut grass, wash down any patio furniture you have and wash cushions if they are dirty.  If you are not happy to do gardening ask a local gardener to give the garden a once over.

Curtains, Carpets and Blinds

If your home has curtains it is best to change them to inexpensive blinds, go to IKEA or buy online as there are many Companies that sell off the shelf blinds, but be sure that you measure the windows properly.  Curtains are heavy and poles can break, blinds are light and give the room a more modern feel and don’t get as dirty as curtains do.

Here is a basic guide to measure and fit blinds


If you have carpet and this is worn change it, make sure you buy a carpet with a good underlay as this will last longer.  If your home has wood flooring, make sure this is polished, or alternatively cleaned with a good wooden floor cleaner.

Cleaning Your home to sell

Don’t be afraid to spend some money on the home.

You want to showcase the property the right way and make it stand out in the crowd, all tenants will appreciate what you have done and as they say, a happy tenant is a good tenant and this is ultimately the end goal.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on cleaning your home to sell.  View our top tips on presenting your home for sale

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