House Selling Guide

House Selling Guide UK


Selling your house can be complicated which is why we have produced this step by step house selling guide for you to understand the process of selling your house.

House Selling Guide UK

Step 1 – Valuation

When you decide to place your home on the market there are many ways in which you can do so, however, if you choose to instruct an estate agent you must have complete confidence that the company can deliver all your expectations in this House Selling Guide.

The estate agent should be able to demonstrate comparable evidence of other or similar properties sold in your area, you should also discuss any items that may need addressing to make sure that your home is presented in the best way, to maximize your sale.

The estate agent must also be able to demonstrate to surveyors for valuation purposes, comparables in your area so that your home is valued and not down valued, or placed on the market at a price where the property will not sell. Get Your Instant Valuation Online in just 60 seconds or Get Your Detailed Home Visit Valuation

Step 2 – Marketing

Once you have chosen your estate agent your home will start to be marketed.  This is the presentation of your home so it must be done with care so that your home is presented to buyers with the right property description.  We also take into consideration all the finite details that your home has included and this is essential to the process to make sure that your home is showcased in the right way.

We carry out professional Digital photography, full colour brochures and optional videos.

Nationwide advertising through property portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime location, Robert Alan Homes and many associated property portals, we also are very active on social media platforms.

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Step 3 – Viewings

Viewings can be very daunting for sellers, however at Robert Alan Homes estate agency we encourage the owners of the home to be at the viewings if they want, most buyers like the interaction and like to discuss different aspects of the area, schooling and the most important part the home. We always accompany all buyers, to the property, and make sure that they are fully abreast of all the information in relation to the property. We also supply all buyers and sellers if they desire our numbers so that we can be contacted outside hours and weekends if there are any questions they need to ask.

Step 4 – Placing An Offer

When a buyer places an offer on your home we will first qualify them, this means that we will ask them several questions. This process is so that we can establish their position, there may also be several offers so we will need to collate all this information before we contact you. When you are contacted we will provide you with whether they are a first-time buyer, they have a property to sell, what deposit they have and if they have a mortgage in principle. As the seller it is your decision, however, we will always be on hand to help you to decide once you have all the information.
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Step 5 – Instructing A Solicitor

Robert Alan Homes estate agent can recommend a solicitor that we have worked with over the years, who specializes in conveyancing, once he or she has been instructed we will then send out the memorandum of sale to both sides to start the conveyancing process.

Step 6 – Survey Stage

Your home will be surveyed, buyers will instruct their mortgage lenders to carry this out. Some buyers instruct there own surveyor, they will either have a home buyers report, or a structural survey, or a valuation. Once the survey has been carried out and if the lenders agree on the valuation, and there are no issues, then the buyers will receive a mortgage offer. Robert Alan homes will be informed of this by way of solicitors. If there are any issues then further reports may be carried out by the buyers.

Step 7 – Exchange And Completion

Once all the searches and the pre-contract enquires are completed the date will come where both parties exchange contracts, at this point there will be a date set for completion, we will be informed by the solicitors and on a specific date agreed by both parties you will be ready to leave and move into your new home. We hope you enjoyed this House Selling Guide.

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