How Much Is My House Worth

How Much is my house worth?

The top question our house valuation department gets asked from people looking to sell their house, remortgage, renewing home insurance or just curious to know if the value of their home has gone up since buying is How Much Is My House Worth?

Types of house valuation

We have three different types of free House Valuation services available at Robert Alan Homes Hackney Estate Agents.  All are simple and carry a no obligation policy so you are free to use them with no strings attached.

The first is our value my house Online Property Valuation tool which allows you to get your property value instantly.  This gives you a house value estimate based on land registry sold prices of house sold prices in your street.  This house price estimate is just a ballpark figure as it does not take into account the specific details or features of your house.

The Second is our Rental Valuation tool which allows you to find the rental value of your property instantly.  This is also based on an estimate as a detailed inspection of the property is always the most accurate as online valuations cannot factor in any home improvements you have made to your house and simply focuses on the postcode and street.

The Third is an estate agents Free House Valuation. This estate agent valuation is a more detailed property valuation provided with a home visit and provides you with a most accurate house value as the agent can physically look at the property to make an assessment and then compare it with other properties that have sold in your area.

What factors affect the value of my house?

There are various factors that can influence the value of your property and the value is likely to change over time.

Things usually taken into consideration are the location, storage space, the size and layout of the home, local crime rates,  Flood Risk Areas, local schools and amenities and good transportation links.

Other factors include things like wiring, damp, leaks, plumbing or boiler problems etc.

How long does the house valuation take to complete?

The Estate Agent Valuation generally takes between 10 to 30 minutes to carry out depending on the size of the property.  The Online Property Valuation Calculator take just 60 seconds.

Does your house valuation give me the rental value of my house?

Yes.  Our online property valuation can provide you with House Sale Prices or a Rental Valuation but as already stated the online property valuation calculator gives you an estimated market value of your home.

The Estage Agent Valuation will give you a more detailed idea and we can also suggest ways to increase the value of your house for both property rental value or house sale value.

How can i increase the value of my house?

There are certain things that add value to your house.  These include Home Extensions, Loft Conversions, New Kitchen or Bathrooms, Improoving Energy Efficiency with solar panels and Renovating the Outside such as cleaning guttering or weeding paths and gardens.

We guarantee lower fees than any other high street estate agent!


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