How Landlords Can Look After A Vacant Home

Looking After A Vacant Home

If you are unfortunate enough to have a void period and you have a vacant home or it is not rented you must take precautions and follow certain guidelines to protect an empty property.

Remember your home has not been abandoned, it’s just taking a holiday from being rented.

Case studies show that properties are subject to break ins if they are left unoccupied for long periods of time, however, there are lots of security measures you can put in place to stop this happening.

Preventive Measures For A Vacant Home

Install an inexpensive alarm. Make sure that you have monitors and detectors inside that shoot a small beam that is not seen by the naked eye. If an intruder breaks the beam the alarm will sound.

You don’t need to put them in every room just where you feel access to the property is easy. For example back doors, front door and flat roofs where it may be easy to jump up and gain access through a window.

Mobile Phone Based Camera With Sound

Buy from the internet a Hive camera and hide it in the property. Download the monitoring app and you will be able to see in the home 24/7 from your mobile phone. The software can even send you alerts if someone manages to get into the property if the motion sensing is enabled.

Timers and Small Table Lamps

Buy two or three small lamps and place them in specific places on timers to switch on and off at certain time of the day giving the impression that someone is in the property at all times.

Side Door Gates And Locks

Make sure you lock the side gate and if you can possibly chain it with a padlock for added security do so. Front doors should be bolted on every lock and if you don’t have a British standard lock on the front or back doors have one fitted.

Gadgets For A Vacant Home

You can buy some gadgets on Amazon like for example dog barking machines, if someone comes to the front door, or lights that look like your tv is on.

Water And Gas

Check all water supplies and check the kitchen and bathroom taps are closed. Check underneath that all the connections are intact and not leaking. Make sure the toilet system is not constantly running. Also check all garden taps are closed and make sure your boiler is turned off. All appliances apart from your security timers should be switched off. This way you can sleep at night with peace of mind.

Fridge freezers should be defrosted properly and doors left open so that there will be no smells and the appliance can breath. 


Ask a neighbour to look out for your home and give them your contact details should there be any problems. Visit the property on a regular basis and always collect the post as you don’t want anyone looking through the post box seeing there is a build up of mail.

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