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Best estate agent fees for selling houses

So you are looking to sell your house and you are looking for the best estate agent for selling houses with low estate agent fees?

Firstly I would suggest that you carry out three valuations from three local estate agents near to your house.  Don´t go over the top and try to get a larger number of agents as this will make it harder to make a decision as the more information that you get the harder it will be.

The key questions to ask an estate agent when you want to sell your house are as follows;

1. Ask the estate agent…  Where do you advertise to sell my house?

The best estate agent websites for selling houses in the UK and maximising your potential to sell your house are property portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Primelocations, Nethouse prices and of course the agent’s own website.

2. Ask the estate agent…  Do you offer feedback after each viewing?

This is crucial and every good estate agent that is serious about selling your house will be able to communicate to you information after each viewing.   The viewing feedback will give you an idea of what potential buyers like or dislike about your property and what concerns they have.  You may learn that there are certain things that are a sticking point to selling your home.

3. Ask the estate agent…  How will you present my house for sale?

With an independent estate agent you will always get a more personal service when selling your home that is tailor made for you.  The sort of answers the estate agent should give you will be to do with their marketing of your property.  The best estate agents for selling houses will make up  full colour brochures and also have a database of potential buyers making it faster to sell your house.

4. Ask the estate agent..  Do you do open house viewings when you sell my house?.

Many estate agents will offer you open house viewing to sell your home.  The best estate agents for selling houses will not do this.  Open house viewings is where the estate agent selling your house has multiple viewings in one day.  The estate agent may tell you that this is a way in which you can play one buyer off against another but this does not work because selling your home should be an experience which is handled carefully and a rushed viewing is a bad viewing.  With multiple viewings the estate agent will not be able to spend quality time with a potential buyer and thus any questions regarding the property cannot be answered concisely.

To summarise the best estate agent for selling your house will always present your property professionally and use the best estate agent websites or largest property selling portals to do so.  The estate agent will provide feedback of all viewings and give quality time and attention to prospective buyers.

Fees involved in selling a house

To find the best estate agent for selling houses there are many factors that you will have to take into consideration but one of the most important is the fees involved in selling a house.

In terms of marketing your house for selling, most estate agents come close as most good estate agents pretty much list your house for sale on the same property portals in the UK. With this being the case you need to qualify the estate agents and find out what the estate agent charges for selling a house.

Typical fees for selling a house range from 1% to 2.5% plus VAT. Using a low fee estate agent will mean you have more money to spend on moving house. If you can find a cheap estate agent that takes care of everything and charges a fixed fee to sell your home then this is the best option.

A low commission estate agent does not mean that you receive poor service and you should take into account that larger corporates have to charge higher fees as they have much bigger overheads than an independent estate agent. Why would you want to pay for their lavish offices and multiple directors on large salaries when there are low-cost estate agents out there?

It makes perfect sense to pay the lowest estate agent fees possible when selling your house as the average cost to sell a house today is mind-blowing.

In these uncertain times saving money selling your home is imperative. As long as the cheapest estate agent has been established for a number of years with a good track record, understands the market and has good knowledge of the area you want to sell your home in you should be ok.

At the end of the day if everything checks out and they make you feel comfortable then use them to sell your home as their estate agent fees for selling a home will be a lot lower.

Low estate agent fees for selling a house

So what does a low estate agent fee for selling a house actually mean?

As explained, gone are the days when estate agents could charge massive property selling fees and nowadays you can get the same service from a reputable independent estate agent for a fraction of what you will pay a large corporate estate agency for selling your house.

Low commission estate agents offer great service with big savings. For example: If you sell a property for £500,000 and pay a standard estate agent fee of 1% plus vat this equates to a £6,000 agents fee for selling property.

It makes no sense not to want to save this amount of money on the cost of selling a house. So the lower fees involved in selling your house can be a massive saving for you.

House Sale fees are not all the same

Not all house sale fees are the same and you may ask the question of how can the estate agent sell my home for such a low selling property fee?

Well, it’s simple as the industry has moved forward more and more companies are offering better fees to sell your house as the advertising methods of selling houses has changed.

However, this does not mean that the best route is to use an online estate agent that does not have a physical estate agency.

Online estate agents, with no physical office, tend to have charges and hidden costs involved in selling a house and another important factor is online estate agents ask you to pay agent fees upfront which means if the Company does not sell your house then you will lose the money as you will not get a refund.

The best estate agent is one that has a low commission or a fixed fee.

Robert Alan Homes are a fixed fee estate agent with physical offices and a very strong online selling strategy that lists your house for sale on the leading property portals on the internet.

The fees involved in selling your house with them are low compared to other agents.  The cost of selling a house does not need to be paid upfront either so you won’t lose a penny if the home is not sold.

Online estate agents seem like a good idea on the surface but once you discover they charge extra for viewings, you soon learn that you basically have to sell your home yourself.

With Robert Alan Homes items such as for sale boards, professional photography, and brochures are all part of the standard package and not paid extras.

What you are basically paying for with online estate agents is the ability to advertise your house for sale on property portals and as explained that dreaded upfront fee needs to be paid and in the event of no sale, the money is lost.

How do I get started to sell my house?

Now that you understand about the average cost of selling a house and typical estate agent fees and you know that not all low commission estate agents are the same where should you start?

Step 1 (Free online valuation in 60 seconds)

The first step is to get a free no-obligation property valuation. You can start by finding out how much your property is worth online with this instant online valuation tool which will give you a value based on your postcode and property sold prices logged in the land registry database.

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