Can I Receive More Money For A Fully Furnished Property?

Can I Receive More Money For A Fully Furnished Property

You may be able to receive more money for a fully furnished property but it really depends on the type of furniture you buy and ultimately on the requirements of the tenant.

What is a fully furnished property?

There are two types furnished and unfurnished.

Furnished means that the landlord will let the property with furniture that can include beds, sofas, tables and chairs, and everything so that a tenant does not have to purchase anything.

Unfurnished means that there is no furniture.

In both cases white goods are normally supplied, unless the tenants want their own fridge or washing machine.

What type of furniture should I put in the property, high end or run of the mill?

Some say that you should buy high end furniture for high end properties and vica versa, and they are probably right.

If you decide to let your property to multiple occupants then there will be more wear and tear so buying sturdy furniture such as hard wearing sofas, contract carpet, sturdy tables and chairs is a good idea. If your property commands high end rents then you should buy quality high end furniture.

What type of tenants take fully furnished properties?

Most tenants who are relocating or their company has placed them in another country don’t need the inconvenience of buying their own furniture as they may only take a contract for either a few months or possibly only be in the property for one year.

Shall I make the potential tenants aware from the advert that the property is fully furnished?

The answer is yes. This is important as some may not be wanting to rent a fully furnished property, in some instances the tenants may request a small item to be removed, it is your discretion whether you are happy to do this or not.

Make sure that you make people aware of what kind of furniture you have don’t be afraid to give names if they are designer. Make sure also that you take very good professional photos, this will showcase your property.

Remember property always looks better when there is furniture in it. When you do photograph make sure that all items are arranged properly to give you a sense of space, and that they are clean. Make sure beds are made and presented well and that sofa cushions are neatly placed to give the property the wow factor.

What is The Cost To The Landlord?

This really depends on what you want to spend. You can buy budget landlord furniture online that is reasonably priced, however, it will probably only last a few years but don’t expect much. IKEA have a great range of modern furniture that seems to last if its constructed properly. High end furniture shops are more costly but the furniture will tend to last longer.

Another consideration to take into account is that if the tenant does not want the furniture you will have to store it and pay for the storage. Over time the items may get broken or rusty depending on the conditions of storage.

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