What Is A Property Management Company?

What Is A Property Management Company

A Property Management Company will assign a property manager to look after all aspects of your property.

What Does A Property Manager Do?

A property manager does just that they manage all your property needs on a daily basis. They work hand in hand with the letting agent and should be up to date with all current legislation. The primary role of a property manager is to deal with the day to day management of your rental property. 

What Are Property Managers Responsibilities?

If you decide as a landlord to have your property fully managed this means that all day to day activities i.e. rent collection, maintenance issues and discrepancies on rent payments are dealt with by the property manager.

Questions To Ask A Property Manager

What happens if I need maintenance on my house?

What are your charges?

Who do you use?

Are they insured?

What’s the timescale to have works carried out?

What happens if the tenants break something in the house who is responsible and what measures do you take to safeguard me and my house? 

Inspection Reports

This is one of the most vital procedures that need to be carried out when your tenant moves in (check in).

This is a report carried out with photographs of the entire property including gardens both front/rear. It must include all furniture if you have rented the property furnished. It should include the conditions of carpets and all walls.

The same is carried out once the tenancy agreement comes to an end (check out).

This report will show your letting agent the condition before and after so if there are any discrepancies this can be used to withhold the security deposit, or part of it, depending on the cost to either make good any damages or replace any items.

Interim Mini Condition Reports

Every Letting Agent should carry out inspections of your house every 4 months to ascertain if your house is being kept in good condition and areas such as gardens are being maintained. A small report should be carried out with accompanying photos to keep records of any issues that may have arisen. It is vital the letting agent does this.  

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