How To Screen a Foreign-Born Tenant – Right To Rent

Right To Rent Tenant Check

How Can I Screen A Foreign-Born Or International Rental Applicant With Right To Rent?

The Right To Rent was introduced under the Immigration Act 2014 and is a very important part of renting your property for both landlords and any agencies.

This act places all restrictions on all illegal immigrants in the UK who are trying to rent any home. Each adult is responsible and must prove that they are legally entitled to be in England before any tenancy agreement can be granted.

So What Does Right To Rent Mean?

A full check of their original identity must be shown to either the landlord or agent. This must include passport and any visa. Copies of their documents must be taken by the landlord or letting agent in person.

The landlord or letting agent must obtain a true copy of the documents and must record the check. If the prospective tenant has a time-limited right to rent or Residency Permit then the check must be done within 28 days of the tenancy start date and the visa must be valid for the proposed tenancy start date.

Landlord And Agency Responsibility

This part is very important and should be followed very carefully. Run checks on all adult tenants who want to reside in the property and make sure that you gather all original documentation that shows that he/she has the right to be in the UK. 

Make sure that the tenants are present when you check their documentation and don’t accept this over email or any other form of document transfer. When you meet face to face make sure that the documents that are presented to you are originals and not copies and take copies of them and time and date stamp for your records.

If the prospective tenant has a visa check the date and validity. If the tenant has no right to rent then the home office must be informed immediately.

What Documents Should Be Accepted?

The following documents should only be accepted. A drivers licence: make sure this is current, a valid visa , a valid passport or ID card. Please note that the above is non-negotiable and unless the documents are valid and the originals it will not comply with UK law. No tenancy agreement can be issued if the documents are not valid.

This Is The Law

Please note that all the above is the law and you must abide by this under government guidelines

Can A Landlord Get A Credit Check On A Tenant?

Yes, the Landlord is entitled to get a credit check on a tenant. There are tenant credit check companies available that you could use. You can get an Experian tenant credit check or an Equifax tenant credit check but these will only apply if the person has been living in the UK.

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