What Is The Homes Fitness For Human Habitation Act 2018?

Homes Fitness For Human Habitation Act 2018

The Homes Fitness For Human Habitation Act 2018 which applies to all tenancy agreements from March 2020

The Homes Fitness For Human Habitation Act 2018 act that has come into effect from March 2020 means that landlord and agents have a responsibility to make sure that all properties rented to tenants are safe and in good condition throughout the tenancy agreement.

In March of 2020, the law came into force for new and existing tenancy agreements. To make sure that you are covered you must inspect the property to make sure that the property is safe, and in good condition fit for human habitation.

What Does The Act cover?

It covers all aspects of the property to include that there is no damp in the property, that the property has enough natural light, that the property is well ventilated, that the heating and hot water is working and has been maintained and that cooking facilities are adequate. The Government Legislation covers all aspects of this, including all guidelines to explain how to maintain your property to an acceptable level for tenants.

If You break The Law

If by chance your home is inspected by the council and found not to be fit for human habitation you must immediately fix the issues. If this does not take place then your tenants have the right to issue proceedings against you in court for breach of contract which will be very costly for you. If the matter does go to court the courts currently no fixed level of compensation that will be awarded to tenants, it’s the court’s discretion. 

What Has to be Proved?

If there has been any harm inflicted on the tenant they will take into consideration the time that this has been going on and how severe the situation has been. However, there are certain circumstances where a landlord or letting agent will not be held responsible. The first being the tenant’s behaviour and or any possessions that the tenant have in their possession that the problem has affected that were totally out of the landlord’s control.

What If I Manage My Own Property?

If you manage your own property and you have tenants that have moved in before the 20th March 2020 and the property has not been inspected you must do so now and try to identify any issues and act straight away.

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